Startup Investment


Investment in emerging internet technology companies is high risk, and high return. We eliminate much of that risk through our expert acceleration period, and we also present you with all the background and market research you’ll need to affirm and qualify the details of each opportunity. This is why accelerators around the world are in such demand. Early phase technology investment is proven through boom and bubble, to be among the highest returns of any industry.

As the premiere Canadian acceleration program to represent the most innovative internet startups, you’ll find opportunities with BigDNet that you won’t anywhere else in Canada; and, you’ll find that Canadian talent is of a quality that competes and leads globally in pioneering new models.

Investing in entrepreneurs and startups is a rewarding, yet different world from investing in conventional stocks, bonds, and commodities. First of all, it’s more of an investment in people than in a business, since the startup is usually an idea barely half-baked when they need your money. Secondly, the risk is very high, since as many as 90% of startups fail in the first five years.


On the plus side, it’s an opportunity to get in early and really help make things happen that will change an industry, or change the world. It’s an opportunity for that “big bang” return of 10X to your initial investment, like early investors in Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Finally, it’s an opportunity to “give back” what you have learned in your own career for the next generation.